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Ink Spots - Best of the Singles 1936-1953 CD4

Ink Spots - Best of the Singles 1936-1953 CD4

4cd Original Recordings

Deluxe Fold Out Digipack

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Ink Spots - Best of the Singles 1936-1953  CD4
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Ink Spots
Best of the Singles 1936-1953
26 Januari 2018
Real Gone Music
CD 1
1: Old joe's hittin' the jug
2: Christopher columbus
3: If i didn't care
4: Just for a thrill
5: Knock kneed sal (on the mourner's beach)
6: You bring me down
7: Address unknown
8: Coquette
9: My prayer
10: Thoughtless
11: I'm getting sentimental over you
12: Bless you
13: When the swallows come back from capistrano
14: Whispering grass (don't tell the trees)
15: Maybe
16: We three (my echo, my shadow and me)
17: Java jive
18: I'll never smile again (until i smile at you)
19: Do i worry
20: My greatest mistake
21: So sorry

CD 2
1: That's when your heartaches begin
2: I'm still without a sweetheart (cause i'm still in love with
3: I'd climb the highest mountain
4: What good would it do
5: Until the real thing comes along
6: Hey, doc
7: Nothin'
8: I don't want to set the world on fire
9: Mine, all mine, my my
10: I'm not the same old me
11: Someone's rocking my dreamboat
12: It's a sin to tell a lie
13: Is it a sin (my loving you)
14: Every night about this time
15: Treet of dreams
16: If i cared a little bit less
17: Don't get around much anymore
18: Cow cow boogie
19: Don't believe everything you dream
20: A lovely way to spend an evening
21: I'll get by (as long as i have you)

CD 3
1: I hope to die if i told a lie
2:  maybe it's all for the best
3: Into each life some rain must fall
4: I'm making believe
5: That's the way it is
6: 'll lose a friend tomorrow
7: The gypsy
8: Everyone is saying hello again
9: Prisoner of love
10: I never had a dream come true
11: I cover the waterfront
12: I get the blues when it rains
13: To each his own
14: That's where i came in
15: When you come to the end of the day
16: Information please
17: White christmas
18: Always
19: Home is where the heart is

CD 4
1: Sincerely yours
2: It's all over but the crying
3: I'll make up for everything
4: I woke up with a teardrop in my eye
5: Where flamingos fly
6: Just for now
7: The best things in life are free
8: Who do you know in heaven
9: You're breaking my heart
10: Echoes
11: Sometime
12: If
13: Flowers, mister florist, please
14: Here in my lonely room
15: Ebb tide
16: If you should say goodbye
17: Changing partners
18: Stranger in paradise
19: Melody of love

Digitally Remastered and Enhanced for Superior Sound Quality